Romantic Times 2007 Convention - Houston TX - April 2007

Photos by Linnea Sinclair

Some Photos courtesy of David Gray


Triskelion Author Lynne Connolly, bookseller Cy Korte, Bantam Author Linnea Sinclair in the lobby of the Houston Hyatt


Reader David Gray and Linnea Sinclair


Reader David Gray and Dorchester Author Rowena Cherry

Rowena Cherry, Linnea Sinclair and Author Dee Lloyd

Authors Linnea Sinclair and Isabo Kelly with desperately needed coffee

At the STARSHIPS & SWORD FIGHTS science fiction and fantasy workshop, L to R:

Linnea Sinclair, Rowena Cherry, Susan Kearney, Colby Hodge, Susan Grant, PC Cast, Editor Anne Groell (Bantam)

Linnea Sinclair, Rowena Cherry and Susan Kearney at the STARSHIPS workshop

At the ACTION ADVENTURE workshop:

Linnea Sinclair, Christina Skye, Susan Grant


Susan Grant and Linnea Sinclair at breakfast





below: Isabo and her ears


below: JC Widler, Stacey Klemstein, Isabo Kelly


MR ROMANCE COVER MODEL PAGEANT with Emcees Bill Frieda and Mark Johnson




I think someone is taking my picture...

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