"Linnea Sinclair's Finders Keepers has the trappings of military SF on a grand scale: battleships, interstellar conflict, goofy androids, plenty of intrigue and an inscrutable alien menace to the human race. Don't be fooled by the familiar scenery, though—the core of this novel is the love story...

Sinclair manages the sexual tension between her main characters skillfully, drawing readers into an intricate dance of attraction, conflict and thwarted desire. The author's sure hand with characterization makes each twist of this emotionally laden storyline as suspenseful as any well-wrought battle scene. It all works because there is real substance in the attraction between Trilby and Rhis. The two have genuine shared interests, they are temperamentally suited, and each struggles honestly with the barriers posed by their divergent backgrounds and different mother tongues.

What's more, Finders Keepers offers some tidy exploration of the ways in which people reinvent themselves when thrown into unfamiliar situations....

With peppy, laugh-out-loud dialogue, an outstanding cast of supporting characters and a big serving of adventure in the mix, Finders Keepers is guaranteed to show readers a pleasant and thoroughly entertaining time."

--A.M. Dellamonica for Science Fiction Weekly

"Let's be honest, we romance readers love our kick-ass heroines! Whether they are walloping the backsides of medieval warriors, planting their slippers up the breeches of a Regency Lord, or bruising the buttocks of a contemporary alpha male, we are rooting for them all the way! Well, folks, I am thrilled to tell you that now the galaxy is the limit. Linnea Sinclair has masterfully created science fiction romances featuring the most vibrant heroines who gleefully kick interstellar butt across several star systems, and Trilby Elliot may be one of the best!... I strongly urge you to consider any of Linnea Sinclair's novels - whether writing under this name or as Megan Sybil Baker, she proves that love makes not only the world go 'round, but also the local galactic cluster and several nearby nebulae as well!"

--Celia Merenyi for A Romance Review

"Captain Trilby Elliot has parked her rattletrap ship on an uninhabited planet to make repairs when an enemy ‘Sko ship hurtles in the forest nearby. But instead of salvaging useful parts from the crash, she salvages a Z’fharian man, Rhis Vanur, who turns out to be both very useful and very inconvenient in his own special way...

Trilby and Rhis are well-rounded characters of the type you don’t consistently encounter in futuristic romances, or any romances, for that matter. They do not fall fully into romance stereotypes, being more reminiscent of inhabitants of the novels of, say, Anne McCaffrey or Tanya Huff. They dwell neither in angst-land nor cutesy comedy land, and for me characters I can like and understand will make or break a novel.

More specifically, Trilby is tough, capable and independent, which I just adore in a female protagonist, and doesn’t need Rhis any more than she needs another hole in her spaceship. This makes it all that much more convincing when she begins to fall in love with him...

The plot is pure, rollicking space opera, with suspense, computer programming, backstabbing, space battles and galaxy-wide threats galore... I recommend Finders Keepers ... take it to bed with you and stay up late flipping pages."

--Jody Wallace, Editor, SFROnline


"Finders Keepers has the "wow!" factor in spades. While at heart a rich, deep, complex sci-fi novel that will thrust readers into a dazzlingly different orbit, Ms. Sinclair has managed to incorporate an equally rich, deep, complex romance into the plot; the kind that makes a romance reader more than a little weak in the knees. The sci-fi and romantic elements mesh beautifully... Quite simply, this is a fascinating futuristic romance. The plot and characterizations are detailed, dynamic and deeply immersive and make this super-charged sci-fi release twice as interesting as anything this reviewer has come across before...Well-developed and wonderfully imaginative, Finders Keepers has "exceptional merit" written all over it. Linnea Sinclair is definitely an author to add to one's auto-buy list. [T]his is one terrific, not-to-be-missed, action-packed sci-fi romance!"

--Cheryl Jeffries for Heartstrings Reviews

"FINDERS KEEPERS by Linnea Sinclair takes romantic sci-fi to an all new level—a book that’s equally balanced in the amount of science fiction, fantasy, high-tech gadgetry, plot, and romantic subplot. A wonderful book... not to be missed. "

--Jennifer Wardrip for Romance Junkies Reviews

"Trilby owns her own cheap freighter and works it with a single robot helper, plying the space lanes for whatever work she can find at a time of increasing tension between three empires. Rhis, a Zafharin commander, has escaped from the Sko and literally crashes near where she has been repairing her ship on an uncharted planet (to save docking fees). One thing leads to another, romance blooms, and there's corruption that has to be stopped before a new war breaks out. Linnea Sinclair's Finder's Keepers (paper from Bantam Spectra) is light romantic fun, from a writer with a lot of promise. "

--Henry Leon Lazarus, Central City's Weekly Press

"I should say at the outset that I enjoyed this book. I rather like my SF with the blood dripping from the bulkheads whilst this story has a deal of romance in it, but it was a good adventure story. Those who like a bit of romance in their adventures will enjoy it all the more, whilst those who do not will be able to put up with it for the story of which romance forms but a part.... The characters are well-rounded and not merely cardboard figures which gives the book more depth than perhaps a straight forward romance would have. The story is skilfully written with a number of twists and turns in the plot which is space opera at its best filled with suspense, double-dealing and space battles and unfolds against a background of a universe with its own political, economic and social structures. The author creates this background with a light touch without needing great slabs of narrative which in itself is a great skill....I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it."

--Paul Hanley for SFCrowsnest.com

“Linnea Sinclair is one author to put on your “must” read list. FINDERS KEEPERS is knock your socks off storytelling with riveting characters that send you into orbit and keeps you there. Electrifying action that is nonstop, superb secondary characters, the threat of great danger from hostile factions, betrayal and everlasting passion. This one is a keeper!”

--Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader Reviews

From the NoveList Read-Alike Articles:

"Readers of Castle/Krentz's Sweet Starfire Futuristic Romance should seek out Linnea Sinclair's Finders Keepers. In this fast-paced adventure combining an otherworldly clash of values and priorities with a Cinderella story, an impoverished independent space captain teams up with the Empire's most feared military leader, without knowing his real identity, to ferret out a highly-placed traitor before it is too late. The humorous banter among the various characters, as well as the gradually developing trust between Trilby and Rhis, are major appeal factors. "

Lynne Welch is an Ohio librarian specializing in Readers' Advisory and Electronic Reference services.
NoveList Read-alike List
NoveList/EBSCO Publishing © 2003

Four and a Half Moons! Excellent!: "This book proves that Sci-Fi can indeed exist in union with Futuristic Romance. And that—gasp!—a good space adventure can document two people falling in love. It even has room for well-done sexual tension. In addition to the romantic plot, FINDERS KEEPERS has: disreputable freighter pilots, ‘droids with attitudes, Heroes that are beyond human but are also endearingly human, space battles, asteroid fields, battleships and space stations, trans-galactic jump gates, arrogant corporate scum, and inter-galactic politics. You want it? It’s there...

Ride with Trilby and Rhis on a roller-coaster of political and financial machinations and against an amazing backdrop of life in deep space. Author Sinclair’s prose is tight and intense. You’ll feel as though you are in the cockpit, the ship’s controls in your hands, speeding through space with your hair on fire."

--Brenda Thatcher for Mystique Books

Four Teapots! A Rich, Top Notch Read: "Finders Keepers is a lusty tale of intrigue & battles, with a shipload of humor, cultural misunderstandings & technology. [It] has just the right ingredients of comedy, action, passion & clashing cultures that I simply could not put it down! A deliciously amusing & entertaining read."

--Rebecca Brown for RebeccasReads.com

Five Stars! Winner: Reviewers Choice Award! "Linnea Sinclair takes the reader for a quite a ride with Finders Keepers. Combining some excellent Sci-Fi with passionate romance, Finders Keepers is one book you do not want to miss."

--Debby Guyette, CataRomance Reviews

Five Thumbs Up! "I read Finders Keepers in one sitting. It’s an action-packed adventure that will keep both science fiction and romance readers on the edge of their seats."

--Lillian Cauldwell, Reviewer and Host, The Lillian Cauldwell Show

RITA Award Finalist - Best First Book

2005 RIO Award Finalist
10th in the Locus Top 20 Best Seller List - Aug 2005
Sapphire Award Winner
PEARL Award Winner
EPPIE Award Winner- Best Paranormal Romance!
ERA Award Winner
CataRomance Reviewers Choice Award - Best SciFi

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