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"Within pages I knew I was heading for one of those dreamed of reading experiences…[Sinclair gave] me everything I have always looked for in a novel: a compelling story, strong characters who are more than the sum total of their emotional needs, a universe in want of exploring, and a message about living life with determination and discipline.

Without exception, GABRIEL'S GHOST is the best science fiction romance I have read in the last 15 years !"

--Mary Pinto, The Word On Romance

"A Perfect 10! Linnea Sinclair hooks readers from the first page, then teases at the end of each chapter with a surprise, a twist, or a turn. Fast-paced, suspenseful, tension-filled and highly emotional, GABRIEL'S GHOST is an addictive tale of adventure and romance that readers will be hard pressed to put down. The breathtaking, exciting climax left this reviewer eager for Ms. Sinclair's next release.

Buckle up, hold on tight, and prepare for a wild ride you won't soon forget!"

--Carla Arpin, Reviewer, Romance Reviews Today

"Readers have come to expect the extraordinary from author Linnea Sinclair, but GABRIEL'S GHOST still exceeds all expectations! With the vision and texture of a poet, the heart of warrior, and the skill of a master, Sinclair creates a world of psychic gifts and shape shifters, of dangers beyond imagination and love beyond question. Chaz must rethink her beliefs, her morals, and her desires when betrayal leaves her stranded on a desolate, dangerous world. Gabriel must risk his deepest secrets and trust almost beyond capacity for this woman who challenges him, infuriates him, and makes him long for redemption from his private hell. Their mutual tangles of fears and desires, anger and faith leave them both reeling even as they work together to stop the breeding of jukors.

Furthermore, I confess to a growing weakness for mature heroines who can present themselves as total equals, matching strengths and vulnerabilities to men with likewise believable and endearing characterizations. And Sinclair succeeds with pizzazz. Together this court-martialed captain and this ghost create a tale so entrancing, so mesmerizing that readers will be absolutely blown away by their fabulous tale."

--Cindy Penn, Midwest Book Review

"Fast paced Sci-fi mixed with true romance and a side of steamy sex? Sounds too good to be true but Gabriel's Ghost delivers! This book had me up all night and left me horribly sleep deprived but it was worth every minute I spent in Sinclair's well crafted world. Do yourself a favor and curl up with Chaz, Sully and the gang, just don't start the book too close to bedtime."

--Evangeline Anderson, author of TAKE TWO (Kensington)

"This book is an adventure a minute, with one revelation after another developing and deepening the relationship between hero and heroine, even as they threaten to tear them apart. I don't know if there are any more stories in this universe, but I'd sure like to read them if there are."

--Gail Dayton, author of THE BARBED ROSE and

"Star-struck readers of Linnea Sinclair’s sci-fi romances -- I know you’re out there because the author’s previous release, Finders Keepers, had “the wow factor in spades” -- are in for another out-of-this-universe reading experience with the release of Gabriel’s Ghost... Exploring the awesomely complex world of sci-fi romance -- where religion, politics and societal prejudices are on a collision course -- is vastly rewarding when Ms. Sinclair is at the storytelling helm."

--Cheryl Jeffries, Heartstrings Reviews

FIVE STARS! "Gabriel’s Ghost captures your interest with non-stop action and suspense and keeps it as the tension mounts... I love the way Linnea Sinclair gradually unfolded Sully and all his secrets. Chaz is his match in every way. Quite the kick ass heroine, the passion between her and Sully is almost palpable... Gabriel’s Ghost is a must buy."

--Debby Guyette, CataRomance Reviews

"Written in the first person, GABRIEL'S GHOST was a book I simply couldn't put down. From the first scene I was absorbed by the storyline, and by chapter four I was so engrossed in the characters and their relationships that I never wanted the book to end...This author has been on my must read list since her very first book, and GABRIEL'S GHOST reaffirms her position there. "

--Sue Waldeck, Road to Romance

"Fine characterizations, snappy and smart dialogue, nifty world building and plenty of political and religious intrigue make for an interesting tale. It's written through Chas's point of view, but Sinclair does a nice job of presenting the problems and motivations of the various species that populate the story. The romance between Chas and Gabriel is provocative and believable, and Sinclair keeps the sexual tension between them simmering... Readers who enjoy romantic science fiction packed with a heady blend of adventure, action and intrigue will love Gabriel's Ghost."

--Martina Bexte, BookLoons

"I was ecstatic at the level of involvement I experienced with this book... I ran the gamut of every emotion possible while reading Gabriel's Ghost. The action, romance, intrigue and more never ceased."

--Robin Taylor, In The Library Reviews

FIVE MOONS! OUTSTANDING! "The universal scope of this book is incomparable. We have corporate greed, starship troopers and space stations, rogue pirates and hardscrabble smugglers, a Quest to Save Tortured Innocents, a Heroine who kicks butt and takes no prisoners, a Hero that is as yummy as double chocolate fudge, and a love affair that could become legendary. What could be better?"

--Brenda Thatcher, Mystique Books Reviews

"GABRIEL'S GHOST serves as an introduction to what promises to be an excellent series of two adversaries turned lovers surviving a world that has suddenly turned against them...[It's]an exploration into passion, love and adventure. It will keep readers enthralled as the plot is concealed and revealed at perfectly unexpected moments. Even the steamy sex scenes find themselves pivotal to the conclusion."

--Christopher Gamble, Revision14 Reviews


2006 RITA Award WINNER - Best Paranormal Romance

12th on the Locus Top 20 Bestseller List Dec. 2005
Windy City RWA Choice Award 2nd Place Winner!
PRISM Award 2nd Place Winner!
Affaire de Coeur Magazine Internet Reader/Writer Poll Winner - Best Futuristic Novel!
Affaire de Coeur Magazine Write-In Poll - Best Futuristic Finalist!
Sapphire Award 2nd Place!!
PEARL Award Honorable Mention Winner!

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