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Current Winner: Karin of Sharpsville PA

Hi Linnea,

Does the deadly infestation of bio-mechanical organisms that are using Earth as its breeding ground from ‘The Down Home Zombie Blues’ have anything to do with the problem we seem to be having with tomatoes this year?


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Well, hi, Karin,

Actually, Ruskin tomatoes are usually considered some of the finest in the States...and Ruskin is just outside Bahia Vista. Uh, St. Pete, Florida. Seems tomatoes and intergalactic zombies both like Florida for the warm tropical breezes, abundant rainfall and general healthy environment. The zombies, of course, hang out for the electrical storms as well. Don't think the tomatoes really care about that.

It was fun playing with "real places" in a story for once. It keeps the imagination going in different ways when you set fictional characters in real settings. When I was writing The Down Home Zombie Blues, I drove all over Pinellas County, Florida, photographing neighborhoods that ultimately ended up in scenes in the book.

I did turn the St. Pete Police Department building around in the story, through. It actually faces a different street in real life.

Back to tomatoes. I wouldn't rule out anything. Personally, I think the zombies are the culprits behind the whole global warming stuff... Think about it...


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