RT 2008 Pittsburgh!

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view from my window


Colby Hodge and me in the hotel lobby
photo courtsey of Stacey Klemstein

Isabo Kelly and Carolan Ivey in the lobby bar
photo courtsey of Isabo Kelly

Bobbi Smith's Precon Workshops

L to R: Stacey Klemstein, Diana Groe, Bobbi Smith

Me (being bad), Stacey, Diana

goody bags for the Intergalactic Bar & Grille Party...

Intergalactic Bar & Grille Party Pics
L to R: Me (with microphone), Colby Hodge,
(next row) Catherine Asaro, Robin Owens (in red), Ann Aguirre, Stacey Klemstein, Isabo Kelly

Book Fair

my table

Lisa "Magic Lost" Shearin

Stacey and Isabo

Robin "Heart" Owens

BA Tortuga

JC Wilder and Isabo Kelly

Isabo's Baby Shower

photo courtsey of Isabo Kelly

Mr. Romance Cover Model Contest








The perfect ending to the convention...chocolate martinis at Palomino's

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